TIM Technology Services Ltd. Consulting: The company’s consulting has been the backbone of the company. The following are the areas that the company consults in.

  • Training & Education in ICT
  • Training & Education in some Management Programs
  • Web Solutions (i.e Design, Hosting, E-mail, …..) & Networking
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Oracle Consulting
  • SPSS Consulting
  • ACCPAC Consulting
  • Microsoft Consulting
  • HP Consulting
  • CISCO Consulting
  • Adobe Consulting

Please find below the link to our collaborators.

» Education & Training
» SPSS Consulting
» Softline ACCPAC Consulting
» Hewlettet Packard
» CISCO Systems, Inc

Consulting Services : In case there is any consulting services in the above listed areas that you require, then don’t hesitate to contact the company.