TIM Technology Services Ltd., was founded in 2001. The CEO and Founder of the company started initially by offering training to Ghanaian companies and others who contacted him personally. Due to clients demand, today the company is an ICT company offering varied services with emphasis in Software Engineering, Training & Education and Communication

The CEO is a member of IEEE Communication and Computer Society and from time to time embarks on Research programs. In the early part of 2006, the International Who’s Who Historical Society recognized the CEO for demonstrating exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community. He has also been researching with IPSI EU Ltd since 2003 to date in the area of Networking and Internet (i.e. e-Business, e-Education, e-Science, etc) and has received a PhD from the research institute. Other institution the CEO has got a publication in Information Security with is CPM West, USA. The CEO is the author of the “The ABC of Information Security – Part One(1)”, a book published with AuthorHouse UK Ltd.

The company is an authorized Distributor of SPSS software in Ghana. The CEO is very experienced in the implementation of SPSS. He has a long time experience in Data Design and Analysis for UN and World Bank jobs using SPSS software. His experience in Data Design and Analysis using SPSS started in 1992 whilst with the Consortium (CIHSD), Accra, and Clydestone Ghana Ltd, Accra in 1993.

The company is also an authorized partner of Microsoft Corporation.

Based on the CEO background experience in Accountancy, the company is also a Solution Provider for ACCPAC Simply Accounting software in Ghana.

The company is quality conscious, although not ISO certified. The founder of the company, brings his experience to bear from DHL (Gh.) Ltd., where he led the company’s implementation of ISO 9002 certification.

The CEO again is very experienced in the deployment of Information Security methods. If you are in dire need of putting in place of your ICT environment, best methods of Information Security procedures, then don’t hesitate to contact TIM Technology Services Ltd

The company is also into Web Site Development. Based on the CEO background in Communication, the company is able to offer quality product delivery of Web sites.

Apart from the Consulting services that the company offers, the company is also into partnership with Hewlette Packard (HP), where it normally falls on when it comes to hardware acquisition.

The founder of the company won the maiden Barclays In Business Essay competition organized in October, 2004 for members of Barclays Business Club throughout Africa. His topic was “Success in Business depends a lot on the exchange of information. His prize was a collection of business books.

Apart from TTS resident IT professionals, the company also has a network of IT associate professionals, which it falls on as and when necessary. These professionals who reside both in Ghana and abroad has been a strong backbone for the company in the execution of its jobs.

With our comprehensive range of services it means that you only have to call one number – ours! Others promise their support. We support our promises